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5 Productivity Secrets From Legendary Leaders, We Fear the Known, Not Uncertainty

5 Productivity Secrets From Legendary Leaders, We Fear the Known, Not Uncertainty

5 Productivity Secrets From Legendary Leaders

Logan Mayville | Superhuman

'Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress'

This post draws from the well of some of the most efficient creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. (7 minute read)

We Fear the Known, Not Uncertainty

Darius Foroux | dariusforoux.com

'How can you really fear something you don’t know? The problem is that we think we know'

If you begin to understand what you are and what makes you afraid, you don’t need more courage because you will feel secure in the midst of decay. (4 minute read)

The dark side of deciding to 'tough it out'

Aysha Imtiaz | BBC Worklife

'The emerging results from new studies on grit are starting to challenge the idea of grit as the 'success trait'

Grit is a widely venerated quality seen as a marker for future success. But our worship of it may be entirely misguided. (10 minute read)

Addiction, Crime And Data Breaches: The metaverse could become a wild west if we’re not careful

Alex Hughes | Science Focus

'The third common definition is where it’s a tipping point. It’s a moment in time where everything goes digital. Your friends, your job, your identity, and your currencies'

With such a rapid expansion into this new virtual world, will it be safe, regulated and, is it something we should fear or accept with open arms? (9 minute read)

The Waste Age

Justin McGuirk | Aeon

'Today, when the very weather is warped by the climate crisis, and plankton thousands of metres deep have intestinal tracts full of microplastics, the idea of a nature that is pristine or untouched is delusional'

Recognising that waste is central, not peripheral, to everything we design, make and do is key to transforming the future. (15 minute read)

🎙Podcast: Ryan Holiday: A Stoic Life. The Knowledge Project. Stoic philosopher and author Ryan Holiday shows us how to use the ancient philosophy to calm our mind and create a foundation for lasting success. (1 hr 12 mins)
🤔Something to think about: 'People should fear regret more than failure'