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Addicted To The Rush

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When You’re ‘Addicted’ to the Rush of Feeling Stressed

Lauren Vinopal | MEL Magazine

'Since our sympathetic nervous systems are primed to help us fend off dangers, a lot of us have figured out how to hack the feeling of nervous energy to get that extra push we need to meet a deadline'

Using your stress and anxiety as fuel to power through a taxing week isn’t nearly as constructive as you think. (4 minute read)

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You Can’t ‘Future-proof’ Your Career. Here’s What To Do Instead

Elatia Abate | Fast Company

'The more we can employ curiosity to learn what is changing, how it is changing, and what it means, the better we and our careers will be prepared to thrive'

So, rather than make feeble attempts to fend off the inevitable, it is much more powerful and empowering to future-prepare. (4 minute read)

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The Oil Slick Effect, or Why We Systematically Overgeneralise

Tim Harford | timharford.com

'If you have colleagues, what do you think of them? Are they smart? Competent? Motivated? Open to new ideas? Good communicators? Do they work well as a team?'

The answer may not depend on what you think. And that fact suggests a reason why the modern world now seems so poisonously polarised. (5 minute read)

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How the Power of Simplicity Can Improve Your Life

John P. Weiss | Personal Growth

'It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials'

Trim the inessentials, and your best life will take shape. (7 minute read)

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Geopsychology: Your Personality Depends On Where You Live

Frank Jacobs | Freethink

'By clearly exposing these statistically relevant variations in personality type by region, geopsychology may prove an important tool for marketeers, political and otherwise'

Researchers found geographically significant variations in the distribution of the Big Five personality traits. (5 minute read)

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📺 Video: Ethical Dilemma: Would You Lie? | Ted-Ed| 4 Min

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🎙Podcast: 14 Mental Models To Understand Human Nature | Modern Wisdom | 1Hr 39Min

Expect to learn why stupidity is more dangerous than evil, why political debates are essentially mass-scaled ventriloquizism, how lower stakes lead to more vicious arguments, why being a mess is more likeable than being perfect and much more…

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🤔 Something to think about: 'It is not the man who has too little, but he who craves more, who is poor' - Seneca

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