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Can Algorithms Speak?

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Can Algorithms Speak? And Should Their Opinions Be Protected?

Jennifer Petersen | Psyche

'Recommendation systems permeate our online lives. They structure what we buy, read, watch, listen to, even what we think'

Would you ever think of these lists algorithms create as opinions – the utterances of an algorithm, or the company that created it? (8 minute read)

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Once In A Lifetime

Morgan Housel | Collaborative Fund

'The idea that incredible things happen because of boring statistics is important, because it’s true for terrible things too'

A zillion different things can go wrong, so at least one of them is likely to be causing havoc in any given moment. (3 minute read)

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Digital Technology Can Cut Global Emissions By 15%. Here’s How.

Johan Rockström | Freethink

'Greenhouse gas emissions needed to peak by 2020 and then fall dramatically – approximately by half every decade. We call this the Carbon Law'

5G and driverless cars to the rescue? (4 minute read)

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How Coffee Shops Make You More Creative

Jack Close | jackclose.com

'You see, effort is contagious. We’re more likely to invest in ourselves and our work when we see others making similar investments and earning dividends from them'

Coffee shops are often full of people focusing on their own projects. (3 minute read)

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Want To Quit Your Job? 3 Things To Consider Before You Do

Adam Grant | TED-Ed

'Whatever job or industry you’re in, evidence suggests that before you quit, it’s worth considering three factors: Voice, Loyalty, and Alternatives'

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant learns what we all should consider first before we quit our jobs. (3 minute read)

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📺 Video: Why You Actually Should Do Something Scary Every Day | Daily Stoic | 7 Min

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🎙Podcast: Has Woke Taken Over Everything? | Modern Wisdom | 1Hr 16Min

The last few years has seen progressive ideas capture institutions, academics and headlines. But how much has this ideology actually trickled down to making a real impact in the world?

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🤔 Something to think about: 'It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own' - Marcus Aurelius

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