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Don’t Give Up on Facts

Don’t Give Up on Facts

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You Are Probably A Naive Realist. Try Not To Be

Matt Grawitch | Big Think

'Because our own perceived rationality is the reference point, that leaves us with very few options for the attributions we make about others’ decisions'

We tend to assume our view of the world is objective and accurate rather than subjective and biased — which is what it really is. (4 minute read)

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Don’t Give Up on Facts

Jim Davies | Nautilus

'Cynics say that bringing new facts to light will not change anybody’s opinion'

People of all political stripes can spot misinformation. They just need a nudge. (4 minute read)

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Air Travel Is a Disaster Right Now. Here’s Why.

Derek Thompson | The Atlantic

'The amount of turmoil in the airline industry over the past two years is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in travel. The 9/11 attacks caused a 7 percent drop in overall travel. But 2020 travel was down 70 percent'

The U.S. seems to suffer from chronic Nothing Works Syndrome. (7 minute read)

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Are 'Natural' Products Better Than Synthetic Ones?

Anna Turns | BBC Future

'What's best for us isn't always what's best for the planet. We need to start thinking about the environmental footprints of every ingredient at a deeper level'

Anna Turns investigates whether we should be more willing to use synthetic alternatives. (8 minute read)

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The Rise of Placebos

Kate Kirkpatrick | Aeon

'A placebo isn’t just a medical intervention. It’s any tool we use to feel better in a complicated world. They don’t just make us feel better, sometimes they actually change our physiology and can make us better'

In the last ten years or so, we’re seeing a shift happen. (3 minute read)

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📺 Video: How Stoicism Can Make You Happier | Daily Stoic | 8 Min

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🎙Podcast: The 4 Deadly Sins of Work Culture | WorkLife with Adam Grant | 44 Min

How do you avoid joining a toxic culture– and build a healthy one once you’ve arrived?

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🤔 Something to think about: 'The more tied you are to a particular version of the future, the less likely you are to adapt as things unfold' - Shane Parrish

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