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How #vanlife Made Mobile Living A Middle-Class Aspiration

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The Power of Narrative

Klas Schwab | Nautilus

'When its infinite possibilities are harnessed, imagination corresponds to a superpower'

Global solutions, like the greening of the world’s financial system, begin with the right story. (9 minute read)

It’s Not All Nomadland: How #vanlife Made Mobile Living A Middle-Class Aspiration

Bronwyn Eager | The Conversation

'Technology and changing workplace norms have helped make the option of trading an office cubicle for a rotating vista of beachfront and desert sunsets an attractive option for the affluent'

Not everyone choosing to live in a van is doing so out of desperation. (4 minute read)

Talkaholism: What It Is and How to Deal With It

Gregg Levoy | Psychology Today

'True dialogue keeps the focus not on one person or the other, but on both, on mutuality'

Learn what’s behind so-called "conversational narcissism." (7 minute read)

Why Does Swearing Make Us Stronger?

Ross Pomeroy | Big Think

'Socially, swearing has been shown to increase a speaker’s effectiveness and persuasiveness. Profanity can also make people seem more genuine and trustworthy'

Profanity offers surprising benefits. But why? (2 minute read)

Are We Really Having Fun at Bars or Just Escaping Reality?

Nir Eyal | Nir and Far

'Using an activity to get out of your headspace and into a different reality for a while is fine. But let’s be honest about why we do it rather than give it a bogus veneer'

Taking a hard look at how we socialize helps us spend time the way we truly want.  (5 minute read)

📺 Video: 12 Stoic Lessons From Las Vegas | Daily Stoic | 14 Min

🎙Podcast: Neil deGrasse Tyson - Welcome To The Universe | Modern Wisdom | 1Hr 11Min

Expect to learn whether focussing on Mars as a backup planet is a smart idea, how big the universe is outside of the observable universe, how we could restart the sun when it begins to die, when time will end, the politics of who gets to claim different asteroids, Neil's favourite solution to the Fermi Paradox and much more...

🤔 Something to think about: 'The only scarcity in life is time. The scarcity of anything else is merely a function of how we spend our time' - Mark Manson