It’s Not All Your Parents’ Fault

It’s Not All Your Parents’ Fault
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It’s Not All Your Parents’ Fault

Mark Manson |

'By the time the 21st century rolled around, it was entirely normal and acceptable to discuss your parents’ shortcomings as some sort of explanation for your own. Maybe we took it too far'

The data suggest that our parents’ parenting methods have no noticeable effect on our permanent personality traits... (12 minute read)

How to Survive in a World of Information Overload

Nir Eyal | Nir And Far

'We’re drowning in information. There are more books to read, blogs to follow, and videos to watch than anyone could consume in countless lifetimes'

Here are the steps to take to become a master, rather than a slave, of information overload. (5 minute read)

Social Proof: Is There Always Safety In Numbers?

Dr. Hannah England | Ness Labs

'Herd mentality can prevent us from practising critical thinking and exploring new, innovative ideas'

While social proof can help us to make everyday decisions, it is vital to learn how to use it wisely rather than blindly following the crowd. (6 minute read)

How Do We Learn Complex Skills? Understanding ACT-R Theory

Scott H. Young |

'How does the schedule of studying impact memory? Is it better to re-read or retrieve? Should you practice a whole skill, or build up to it from its parts? These don’t directly address the big questions'

How do we learn to perform complex skills like programming, physics, or piloting a plane? What changes in our brain allow us to perform these skills? (11 minute read)

Dirty Energy Pays More Than Clean Energy. That’s A Problem.

Neel Dhanesha | Recode

'They have a green, mission-driven cloak that they wear, but they’re profit-driven and they can be terrible employers'

To outcompete Big Oil, the clean energy industry needs to unionize. (4 minute read)

📺 Video: You deserve the right to repair your stuff | Ted | 11 Min

🎙Podcast: How to Be Less Furious and More Curious | The Tim Ferriss Show | 1Hr 29Min

A.J. Jacobs is a bestselling author, journalist, and human guinea pig.

🤔 Something to think about: 'It's never too late to be what you might've been' - George Eliot

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