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What to Do When You Never Feel Good Enough

Kira Newman | Greater Good Magazine

'I noticed that there was one painful struggle almost everyone seemed to share: the relentless quest to feel better about themselves'

Are you stuck in constant self-judgment? In a new book, a clinical psychologist suggests a better way to feel good about yourself. (5 minute read)

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Morgan Housel | Collaborative Fund

'Fifty-four years ago this month, in a push for publicity, The Sunday Times offered £5,000 to whoever could sail solo nonstop around the world the fastest'

The two men, Donald Crowhurst and Bernard Moitessier, are astounding examples of how the quality of your life is shaped by whom you want to impress. (7 minute read)

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False Metrics Appearing Real

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'If they appear in round numbers and are easily compared to those from others, we’re tempted to compare'

Just because they’re easy to measure doesn’t mean they matter. (1 minute read)

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7 Spectacular Lessons From James Webb’s First Deep-Field Image

Ethan Slegel | Big Think

'Even with only 12.5 hours of exposure time, James Webb's first deep-field image taught us lessons we've never realized before'

Here are seven spectacular lessons we can learn from its first deep field image, along with tremendous reasons to be excited for all the amazing science to come. (12 minute read)

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Confidence in U.S. Institutions Down; Average at New Low

Jeffrey Jones | Gallup

'Americans are less confident in major U.S. institutions than they were a year ago, with significant declines for 11 of the 16 institutions tested and no improvements for any'

The confidence crisis extends beyond political institutions at a time when a near record-low 13% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. (4 minute read)

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📺 Video: How Russia’s war in Ukraine is birthing a new global order | Big Think | 15 Min

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🎙Podcast: The Economist’s Guide to Parenting: 10 Years Later | Freakonomics | 52 Min

In one of the earliest Freakonomics Radio episodes, they asked a bunch of economists with young kids how they approached child-rearing. Now the kids are old enough to talk — and they have a lot to say. We hear about nature vs. nurture, capitalism vs. Marxism, and why you don’t tell your friends that your father is an economist.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'Not having an opinion is not a sign of ignorance or indifference. It's often a mark of an open mind' - Adam Grant

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