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Mood Shaming, Digital Trends To Watch In 2022

Why 'mood shame' Is Bad For You

David Robson | BBC Future

'Continually looking on the bright side of life might seem strong, even courageous. But if it's taken too far, we may beat ourselves up for perfectly reasonable responses to events'

Rather than changing the feelings themselves, we might be able to change the way we think about them. (8 minute read)

Theo Tzanidis | The Conversation

'2021 was a year of transformation: people, corporations and society began to look ahead to influencing their futures rather than just surviving the present'

While it’s hard to make accurate predictions in the unpredictable environment we’ve been experiencing over the last two years, the year ahead will bring many surprises. (5 minute read)

Give Your Money. Give Your Time. Don’t Tell Anyone.

Arthur C. Brooks | The Atlantic

'Giving charitably has been shown to stimulate brain activity associated with pleasure and reward'

Sure, the thanks, admiration, or praise might give you a quick hit of pleasure. But you’ll get deeper, lasting happiness from a good deed that no one knows you did. (5 minute read)

It’s 2022. It’s Time You Rediscovered the Lost Art of the Phone Call

Heather Harnett | Fast Company

'People feel significantly more connected through voice-based media like phone calls, yet they opt for text-based media out of fear'

The phone call is a lost art, especially in the workplace. But with the loss of the phone call, comes the loss of so much more. (4 minute read)

Want to Change Your Career But Not Sure Exactly How? Start With the 3 Ps

Jessica Stillman| Inc

'Whether you're making a complete career change or want to refocus your current role on what feels most meaningful to you, pivots can feel dizzying'

Psychologists warned us the disruptions of Covid would cause many people to revisit their values and rethink whether their lives aligned with them. (3 minute read)

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🤔Something to think about: 'Envy is your own unlived potential projected onto others' - Chris Williamson