Practice Made Perfect

Practice Made Perfect
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Practice Made Perfect

Scott H. Young |

'Getting good at anything requires a lot of practice–but not all practice is equal. Just doing something a lot doesn’t ensure you’ll master it'

The 10 Keys to Optimize Improvement. (7 minute read)

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Wonder About The Impact of Your Daily Cup of Coffee On The Planet?

Ceri Perkins | TED

'In the US, 66 percent of adults drink coffee every day — more than any other beverage, including water — and in the UK, coffee is now officially as popular as tea'

As coffee consumption has risen — by more than 60% since the 1990s — farmers in these regions have found themselves under pressure to increase production at the expense of the environment and workers. (8 minute read)

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The Four Principles That Govern Finance

Morgan Housel | The Hustle

'A tremendous amount of spending is designed to show people how much money you have. Your savings rate is the gap between your ego and your income'

Finance may seem complex, but it’s governed by four core principles. (2 minute read)

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Are We Falling In Love With Robots?

Michael Dempsey | BBC

'After decades of playing the villain in science fiction, robots are now part of life in many towns and people haven't just embraced them, they rush to assist them. What is going on?'

The human-robot bond emerging in Milton Keynes has banished the stereotype of a menacing robot. (5 minute read)

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How Much Money Do People Need to Be Happy?

Paul Bain | Greater Good Magazine

'Our prediction was straightforward: If people truly have unlimited wants, they should always choose the maximum US$100 billion. But in all 33 countries, only a minority chose the top prize (8% to 39% in each country)'

Not everyone desires unlimited wealth—which is good news for the planet. (3 minute read)

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📺 Video: Toxic work culture: Are you in one? | Big Think | 4 Min

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🎙Podcast: How to predict the future with Jane McGonigal | How To Be A Better Human | 46 Min

In this episode, Jane teaches us how to be futurists, and talks about the role of imagination—and gaming—in shaping a future that we’re truly excited about.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'One way to force yourself to slow down and think is to write. Good writing requires good thinking. Writing gives poor thinking nowhere to hide' - Shane Parrish

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