More Is More Is More

For maximalists, the over-the-top outfits and decor are more than a trend, it's a lifestyle of self-expression.

6 days ago

Novelty Fallacy

There is danger in blindly embracing something new without first examining it with a critical eye.

15 days ago

Constraints Are A Gift

Constraints are a gift because they bring us something to lean against, and they give us the chance to focus on work we can actually do.

19 days ago

Getting What You Give

Over time, the likelihood of reciprocal interactions increases, and thus it’s a much better strategy to try to make them positive. The more people you help, the more people you will have willing to help you.

20 days ago

Focus To Win

Focus turns energy into results. Why would you spend any time on your 5th most important idea?

a month ago

You Are Already In The Metaverse

While hardware challenges will greatly shape the metaverse, understanding them better does not convey how it will reshape society.

a month ago