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Temptation Bundling

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Temptation Bundling

Hannah England | Ness Labs

'Temptation bundling is a productivity technique that involves combining an activity that gives you instant gratification, such as watching TV, with one that is beneficial but has a delayed reward, such as exercising'

Here's a look at the scientific evidence for temptation bundling. (7 minute read)

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We Are All Caught In a Pessimism Trap But There Is a Way Out

Jennifer Morton | Psyche

'We cannot simply choose to believe what we want. Our beliefs aim at giving us a true picture of the world. To do so, our beliefs need to be responsive to evidence'

Can I take that first step and simply will myself to believe that our triumph is more likely than not? (6 minute read)

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When ‘Sizing Up’ Others, Bias Sneaks In

Jacqueline Rifkin | The Conversation

'Across six studies, we found that people commonly exaggerate the presence of certain groups – including ethnic and sexual minorities – simply because they are perceived as ideologically threatening'

Why do people overestimate groups they find threatening? (4 minute read)

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Should You Date Your Mirror Image or Do Opposites Attract?

Brian Collsson | Psychology Today

'Relationships are more likely when couples share similar height, weight, alcohol use, values, attractiveness, ethnicity, politics, and religion'

Research shows similar people are much more likely to get together. (3 minute read)

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Ironic! Norway is Building a Massive Wind Farm to Boost Oil Production

Maggie Harrison | The Byte

'Making something a little bit greener doesn't necessarily mean it's green'

In a huge twist of irony, Norway is building the world's largest wind farm — to power offshore oil and gas fields. (2 minute read)

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📺 Video: Game On: How Tech Companies Are Betting On The Metaverse | FT Film | 26 Min

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🎙Podcast: The Marketing Genius Behind Nike | The Diary Of A CEO | 1 Hr 20 Min

Greg Hoffman is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Nike, and the author of Emotion By Design, a book about how to find emotional ways to tell business stories and connect your ideas through creative storytelling.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'The person who gets 1 shot needs everything to be right. The person who gets 1000 shots is going to score at some point. Find a way to play the game that ensures you get a lot of shots' - James Clear

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