The Arrival Fallacy

The Arrival Fallacy
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You Are Always the Other Person

David Cain | Raptitude

'In life, there’s you — the omnipresent Protagonist — and then countless Other People. Most of them are bit players, but some of these Other People are major characters in your story'

Your primary role in the world, by far, is that of an Other Person. (4 minute read)

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The Arrival Fallacy

Hannah England | Ness Labs

'1. Avoid when/then happiness projections. 2. Focus on the journey, not the outcome. 3. Celebrate the micro-wins'

Why we should decouple our happiness from our goals. (7 minute read)

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Distraction At Work Is A Symptom Of Dysfunction. Here’s How To Fix It

Nir Eyal | Nir and Far

'Our behaviors originate from either internal or external triggers, and they lead us to either traction or distraction'

If we can’t focus, we can’t do our best work. (4 minute read)

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What The Heck Is ‘Greedflation’?

Rob Litterst | The Hustle

'While the “greedflation” theory suggests that inflation creates an opportunity for corporations to maximize profits, others believe causality runs the other way — that corporate profit margins can trigger inflation'

How can corporations make record profits while consumers struggle to get by? (2 minute read)

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Breaking Down A Tesla

Lindsay Brownell, Zach Frechette | Collaborative Fund

'Despite the controversies, the company seems to be doing an admirable job of hewing to its mission to 'accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy'

What exactly are all those materials that get assembled into its iconic EVs, and are they actually better than those used in their gas-guzzling competitors? (9 minute read)

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📺 Video: Can The Economy Grow Forever? | TED-Ed | 6 Min

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🎙Podcast: Q&A with Tim | The Tim Ferriss Show | 2Hr 11Min

Q&A with Tim on Wealth and Money, Book Recommendations, Advice on Taking Advice, C.S. Lewis, Relationships, Behavior Change and Self-Awareness, Why We Are All (Mostly) Making It Up as We Go, and Much More.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'You meet your 18 year old self. You get to force one daily habit on them. What is it?' - Joe Holka

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