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The Question That Frees Up a Schedule

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The Question That Frees Up a Schedule

Laura Vanderkam | Forge

'There needs to be a way to make future commitments feel more real. The best way to do that is to ask this simple question: Would I do this tomorrow?'

Raise the chances that when you do whatever you agreed to do, you’ll actually want to do it. (4 minute read)

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Through The Eyes of Another

Heidi Maibom | Aeon

'Taking different perspectives into account becomes essential for grasping the world, ourselves and others'

It’s impossible to shed our individual biases. So the best way to establish objectivity is by taking on new perspectives. (12 minute read)

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What Keeping Secrets Does To You

Sean Illing | Vox

'But why do we do this? Are we afraid of intimacy? Are we ashamed of our past? And perhaps more importantly, what does all that secrecy cost us?'

We can keep a secret — but should we? (8 minute read)

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Your Brain “Wakes Up” More Than 100 Times Each Night

Ross Pomeroy | Big Think

'The findings, suggest that fine-tuning norepinephrine levels in sleeping brains can lead to more restful sleep. They also suggest that fragmented sleep is completely normal'

We shouldn’t expect our sleep to be seamless. (3 minute read)

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The Pollution Caused By Rocket Launches

Mark Piesing | BBC Future

'Several rocket start-ups are at a relatively early stage of experimenting with sustainable alternatives to RP-1 made from waste plastic or biomass'

Rocket launches are an integral part of our 21st-Century world. But how do we stop their polluting exhausts accelerating climate change? (9 minute read)

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📺 Video: Into the Heart of the Amazon | FT Rethink | 5 Min

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🎙Podcast: Will MacAskill of Effective Altruism Fame | The Tim Ferriss Show | 1Hr 44Min

The Value of Longtermism, Tools for Beating Stress and Overwhelm, AI Scenarios, High-Impact Books, and How to Save the World and Be an Agent of Change.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'Plenty of people insist on freedom and independence. More rare and far more effective is to claim responsibility instead. “I’ve got this,” can go a long way' - Seth Godin

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