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This week's top picks...

The Present Bias: Why You Keep Sabotaging Your Future - And How to Stop

Amy Rigby | Trello Blog

'Present bias can be defined as 'The tendency to overvalue smaller rewards in the present at the expense of long-term goals'

Time and again, present you leaves future you to deal with the consequences. (6 minute read)

The Problem With Social Media Is Not Content But Its Distortion Of Reality

Louis Rosenberg | Big Think

'Social media has damaged society. If you ask most people to pinpoint the problem, they will focus on social media content'

Can Social media distort the reality of the public sphere. (9 minute read)

The Dutch City Testing the Future of Urban Life

Norman Miller | BBC Future

'Around 60% of Oosterwold is set aside to support "urban agriculture", cutting the climate-change impact of food miles'

With a hotchpotch of neighbourhoods focused on innovative architecture, sustainability and social enrichment, can Almere give us a glimpse of what living in cities could be like in years to come? (10 minute read)

Why A Company Is Not A Family

David Burkus | Ted

'Over time, more and more corporate leaders started using the phrase 'like family' - until one decided to take it to the next level and skip the 'like' altogether boasting 'we’re a family'

When companies overuse the word “family,” it can actually do damage to company culture and morale. (5 minute read)

Why Thinking About Inflation Leads To More Inflation

Mark Dent | The Hustle

'The average American is expected to need an additional ~$5k this year to live the same life they did last year'

America is dealing with its worst inflation in nearly 40 years. It could get worse if inflationary psychology takes hold. (4 minute read)

📺 Video: The Joy of Being Wrong | Freethink | 4 Min

🎙Podcast: The Not-So-Great Resignation | Ted | 38 Min

Over the past year, the Great Resignation has been all over the news. Many people are celebrating quitting their jobs… but it’s a decision some will come to regret. So when’s the right time to leave? How do you quit without burning bridges? And how can workplaces encourage people to stay?

🤔 Something to think about: 'Spend more time making the big decisions. There are basically three big decisions you make in your early life: where you live, who you're with, and what you're doing' - Naval Ravikant

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