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⛅The Sunday Edition

Welcome to The Sunday Edition! A neatly packed round up of the most popular articles we shared with you this week. Plus some extra bits we've thrown in...

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This week's top picks...

“…somebody else will.”

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'Human culture has a long history of standards being set by people who refuse this line of reasoning. And as a result of these standards, somebody else doesn’t'

This is a great excuse for racing to the bottom. (1 minute read)

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How Does Age Change Your Personality?

Rene Mottus | Psychology Today

'Many become kinder, calmer, and more reliable, while others defy these trends'

Our personalities age differently, but some changes are slightly more common. (4 minute read)

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Influencers and Anti-Fans

Brooke Duffy | Real Life

'At the heart of the criticisms was a sense that influencers are exploiting unachievable expectations'

How anger at the status quo becomes misdirected at social media figures. (9 minute read)

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Why Being Passionate About Your Job Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Taha Yasseri | Greater Good Magazine

'So how do you make sure you end up filled with the right kind of passion? If you have obsessive work passion, is it you or the job?'

Research suggests that there are two types of passion we can have about work—and one may be harmful for you. (3 minute read)

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Trying Too Hard

Morgan Housel | Collaborative Fund

'Expertise is great, but it has a bad side effect. It tends to create an inability to accept new ideas'

The feeling of power you get from hard-fought experience is stronger than the urge to change your mind, even when it’s necessary. (5 minute read)

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📺 Video: We’re wired for conformity. That’s why we have to practice dissent. | Big Think | 6 Min

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🎙Podcast: How To Improve Your Inner Voice - Ethan Kross | Modern Wisdom Podcast | 1Hr 22Min

Expect to learn why we have an inner voice at all, the most effective strategies for dealing with negative self-talk, how to be more objective and less lost in thought, the relationship between language and quality of life and much more...

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🤔 Something to think about:  'Someone else living a good life does not prevent you from living a good life. There are many ways to win and plenty of space' - James Clear

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❔ Brain Teaser

Insert the same two letters into the exact centre of the following groups to give four words. What are they?


Brain Teaser Answer: Aspect, depend, expert and repeat.