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The Win-Win Fallacy

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Why It’s Time To Confess Your Darkest Secrets

Jonny Thomson | Big Think | 🤍

'Self-confession and self-honesty is essential to a fulfilled life. The secrets we have and the reasons we have them are worth examining'

If secrets are a kind of poison, confession is the antidote. (4 minute read)

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7 Benefits of Temporary Habits

Alice Boyes | Psychology Today | 🤍

'Temporarily doing an activity every day can help one decide if that activity really reflects their desires and priorities'

Picking up and dropping habits can be beneficial, not a habit failure. (5 minute read)

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The Win-Win Fallacy

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog | 🤍

'If you can’t find a win-win, it might be time to find a win-lose where the most people with something at stake end up benefiting'

There are some problems where a useful solution is a win for everyone. (2 minute read)

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Want To Increase Creativity? Study Suggests Video Calls Might Be Hampering Our Idea Generation

Russell Deeks | Science Focus | 🤍

'Brucks suggests employers who have hybrid workers save the more creative, exploratory work during in-person times'

Being tethered to a screen makes us less likely to mentally wander, and this has impacts on our creative thinking. (3 minute read)

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The Crypto Industry Is Getting Too Honest

Gilad Edelman | Wired | 🤍

'As with gambling, you can avoid the risk by not putting money into the pot. But it’s getting harder to truly opt out of the crypto economy'

What if no one cares whether it’s a Ponzi scheme? (7 minute read)

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📺 Video: How to build neighborhoods we actually like | Freethink | 9 Min

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🎙Podcast: The Truth About How Anxiety Works - Dr Tracy Dennis-Tiwary | Modern Wisdom | 1Hr 23Min

Expect to learn why anxiety developed as a human emotion and how it helped us survive, why anxiety is a signal for your next move, how to reframe anxiety so it becomes a competitive advantage, why your anxiety and creativity are intrinsically linked and much more...

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🤔 Something to think about: 'Pick a starting point so ridiculously small you have no excuse not to do it' - Josh Spector