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Want To Delete Your Social Media?, The Benefits Of Being A Playful Adult

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The benefits of being a playful adult

Ellie Smith | BBC Future

'Adults who demonstrate more playful personality traits are more motivated, creative and spontaneous'

How can we rediscover the benefits of playfulness after the toys have been put away? (6 minute read)

Want to delete your social media, but can’t bring yourself to do it? Here are some ways to take that step

Sharon Horwood | The Conversation

'If you can’t go a day without trawling through the sites, feeling compelled to “like” or be “liked”, your relationship is in trouble'

If social media is no longer making you happy – and curating your online persona is exhausting instead of fun – it might be time to say goodbye. (4 minute read)

And when is the shift over?

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'If you sell your time as the measure of the work you do, the work is over when the shift ends. Clock in, clock out'

It’s on each of us to decide what ‘enough’ looks like. Because more time isn’t always the answer. (1 minute read)

This paradoxical life

Zach Weber | Aeon

'Rationalism dreams big. But dreams are cheap'

What if, sometimes, the world truly is senseless? What if there are problems that simply cannot be resolved consistently? (16 minute read)

A perfect valentine?

Joy A. Dryer | Psychology Today

'We like to share our thoughts. We have similar values. But time shifts perception. We have our moments when we misread one another. We get out of sync'

Joy tells a story on finding love and dodging the nunnery. (5 minute read)

📺 Video: The Psychological Reason Journaling Makes You Better. The Knowledge Project. (8 mins)
🤔 Something to think about: 'Understanding and believing are not the same thing' - Gertrude Stein