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What It Really Means to Be Ghosted

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Present Bias: How Instant Gratification Impacts Your Long-Term Goals

Hannah England | Ness Labs

'Seizing short-term opportunities can lead you to settle for a small present reward rather than wait for a larger future reward. This tendency is known as the present bias'

It may feel good at the time, but the present bias can negatively impact long-term planning, decision making and productivity. (6 minute read)

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What It Really Means to Be Ghosted

Craig Harper | Psychology Today

'Social commentary suggests ghosting is driven by technology, but around half of young people have been ghosted by somebody they met in person'

This work on defining ghosting is a vital first step in helping scientists to understand this emerging social phenomenon. (4 minute read)

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Why Staying Out of a Political Discussion May Backfire

Jill Suttie | Greater Good

'Regardless of how the person phrased their neutrality—or whether we were looking at issues of trust, liking, or cooperation—there was a penalty for staying neutral, even relative to outright disagreement'

A new study finds that when people try to stay out of moral arguments, they are seen as less trustworthy than those who actively disagree. (5 minute read)

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I Tried Living in a Camping Van for a Week—Here’s What It Was Like

Kara Brown | Well + Good

'No matter where we were, we had our own little space to return to and that felt extremely grounding'

These vans are so much more than transportation—they're also kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices…. (8 minute read)

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Old not Other

Kate Kirkpatrick | Aeon

'The old are still treated with a ‘contempt not unmixed with disgust’ that casts them ‘outside humanity'

Why do we neglect and disdain the one vulnerable group we all eventually will join? (12 minute read)

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📺 Video: Kids don’t always make you happier. Here’s why people have them anyway. | Big Think | 5 Min

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🎙Podcast: In Case You Missed It: May 2022 Recap | The Tim Ferriss Show | 52 Min

This is a special inbetweenisode, which serves as a recap of the episodes from last month. It features a short clip from each conversation in one place so you can easily jump around to get a feel for the episode and guest.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second rule is to look things in the face and know them for what they are' - Marcus Aurelius

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