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Where Do Jobs Come From?

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Where Do Jobs Come From?

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'Jobs exist because people are productive. When their productivity produces more value than the money they are paid, someone keeps the difference.'

It’s easy to see that jobs aren’t a bureaucratic niche to be filled. They’re the opportunity for value to be created. (1 minute read)

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Most of Us Don’t Have a Desire For Unlimited Wealth

Emily Reynolds | BPS

'Having limited wants, the study suggests, is normal - understanding this more thoroughly could help us consume less'

Do humans always want more, or are we sometimes just happy with our lot?(3 minute read)

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UK Set To Have World's Biggest Automated Drone Superhighway

Tom Gerken | BBC Tech

'This drone capability has existed for quite some time, but is in its infancy in terms of being actually part of our society and being a usable application'

The drones will be used on the 164-mile Skyway project connecting towns and cities. (4 minute read)

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Optimist Vs. Pessimist: How Your Mindset Can Impact Your Life

Laura Connell | Lifehack

'While research shows that optimists are happier, have better health, and do better at school and sports, there are advantages to pessimism that may surprise you'

Overall, optimists outperform pessimists and there are many reasons why. (6 minute read)

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The Rise of The ‘Kidult’

Juliet Rylah | The Hustle

'A 2021 Toy Association Survey found that 58% of adult respondents had purchased a toy for themselves, per Bloomberg'

Toy and game businesses are getting a boost from nostalgic adults revisiting their youth. (2 minute read)

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📺 Video: Rise to the Top - How to Become the Best at What You Do | The Art of  Improvement | 8 Min

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🎙Podcast: Malcolm Gladwell: Working From Home Is Destroying Us! | Diary Of A CEO | 1Hr 40Min

Malcolm Gladwell is an author who across his six bestsellers has sold millions and millions of books, and his podcast Revisionist History is listened to by millions and millions of listeners every week.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'There is no life of only pleasure and no pain, of only success and no failure, of only acceptance and no rejection. To have one, you must have the other' - Mark Manson

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