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Why 'rage quitting' Is All The Rage, What Will 2022 Bring in The Way of Misinformation?

Why 'rage quitting' Is All The Rage, What Will 2022 Bring in The Way of Misinformation?

What Will 2022 Bring In The Way of Misinformation on Social Media?

Anjana Susarla | The Conversation

'At the end of 2020, it seemed hard to imagine a worse year for misinformation on social media, given the intensity of the presidential election and the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic'

Lack of transparency in fact checking and the racial and gender biases underlying algorithms used by social media platforms suggest that the need for regulatory action in 2022 is urgent. (5 minute read)

Why 'rage quitting' Is All The Rage

Christine Ro | BBC Worklife

'He’d had enough. Over the microphone, so everyone could hear, he berated the club owner for lying about fixing the air conditioning'

Walking out of a job in anger can seem extreme - but there are often powerful motivations for doing it. (8 minute read)

The Art of Not Taking Things Personally

Dave Bailey | The Founder Coach

'They point the finger at their colleagues . . . but they miss their own targets. Is this person blind to their role in the situation?'

Why other people’s emotions might not be about you — and your emotions might not be about them. (6 minute read)

When The Future Arrives

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'It used to be easy to put off the future until after you retired or died. We could live with the world we had long enough to avoid dealing with significant cultural or technical change'

The future is here. It’s not going away. And a new future is going to be here tomorrow. (4 minute read)

Sustainable Business Went Mainstream in 2021

Andrew Winston | Harvard Business Review

'How do you know when something becomes the norm? Trends in corporate sustainability have been mostly consistent'

In the past year, “someday” seems to have finally become “today” - and there is no going back. (5 minute read)

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